Why the Best Açaí Bowls Reside in Hawaii (and Where to Get Them)

ACAI! ACAI! ACAI! <3 The Ice Cream of Nature 😀 Vegan and Gluten free, this delicious, creamy, antioxidant rich SUPER FOOD is my absolute FAVORITE guilt free indulgence that is in abundance in Hawaii. I almost felt like I was back in Brazil, (most prominently known for its Açaí) with Acai Bowls (we’ll drop the accented “ç” and “í” now) available in every other corner store.

The only difference I found from Hawaii’s Acai Bowls, to Brazil’s Acai Bowls was the the difference in the type of added sugar and their price. Hawaii’s Acai bowls are a bit more health thoughtful, with honey as an optional sweetener and are priced around $10-$12. Brazils Acai cost about half the price of Hawaii’s and typically come with added sugar syrup and the option of milk powder.

After testing out several different shops, I found the best quality Acai at the Honolulu Coffee Shop, located directly out the front door of the Moana Surf Rider Resort, for a worth it price of $10.00.

This Acai is also perfect for the health conscious like me. It is made with Raw frozen Acai, with the option of adding honey (Soooo good with their local honey), home made granola w/ toasted coconut, and banana slices.) Great for breakfast, desert, or any time of day! If you are as big of fan of Acai as I am, or just want to learn about the history and importance of local Hawaiian farming, then definitely check out the family owned Kahuku Farms, Hawaiian Farm Cafe.  They are the first and only farm in Hawaii to grow Acai berries, and it took nearly a decade to do so! SO FRESH! (Crazy Fact! you can’t even get it this fresh in Brazil without going to a remote Acai plantation up north near the Amazon. All of the Acai I had in Brazil was shipped from the rainforest plantation). This is a must stop on your travels up the North Shore, and is only a 12 min drive away from our favorite resort, Turtle Bay. Check out their menu to see their signature Acai all of the food they have to offer.

2365 Kalakau Ave, Honolulu HI 96815


“If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. except açaí, AH-SA-EE!” 

– Common Sense