Welcome to the Blog

Hello and Welcome my fellow Travelers, Wanderers, Roamers, Ticket Bookers and Friends to Be who will meet other travels here!

Firstly, a few words about other travel blogs and guides that crowd the Internet – forget about them.

Chances are they contain too much self-indulged fluff and haven’t gotten you where you want to be…aka traveling!

Welcome to DearTraveler.com

My goal with this blog is to make things a bit differently, mix things up, and turn it up, wayy up, all the while encouraging you to travel more each week, each year. Of course, I plan to take you inside my journey as I cross places and moments off my bucket list. Next stop is Hawaii!

I believe in three principles of travel:

1. You are never alone – When people ask me how I travel alone, I tell them you are always surrounded by other travelers and will meet plenty of new friends, so you should never feel alone.
2. No one belongs at a desk job: The pressure I faced as a millennial having to work a desk job and pay off my loans was huge, and I hope you’ll join me as I take a less beaten path (of course, I still have to hold down a real job to pay the bills.)
3. All you need is yourself: A.Y.N.I.Y. remember that, plus your backpack 😉

About Me

I’m Christa, a Minnesota girl with an international soul <3. I grew up a pretty goofy kid and back in high school I didn’t have a ton of friends, BUT I always got along great with the International Students. I made a point to introduce myself to each of them on their first day and learn what gems they brought with them while sharing what I could from my own life.

So my passion for traveling started out! It was simply a curiosity for other cultures and people. In high school, I hosted my first exchange student, from Taiwan (such a little angel) and then my second one from Germany (still bffls).

By the time college came around, of course nearly all of my closest friends were the international students. It sure felt nice escaping my small town…to go to another small town, Stout, Wisconsin 🙂

The more I learned about international cultures while there, the more my need to experience their life’s my passion flourished into a need for travel. I was fortunate to visit Brazil for Rio’s Carnival and Australia for a whole semester while in college studying Hospitality and Tourism Management. So that’s two bucket list items checked off. But of course, my network of international friends grew – I met some of my closest friends from Germany, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and now I am so excited to bring you with on my journeys and to visit all these people around the globe!

About You

So who are you and what do you stand to gain from reading this blog? I hope you are an eager traveler like me, someone who loves the feeling of waking up a bit disoriented but definitely excited to be in a new land. Reading this blog you will gain motivation and inspiration to get out there and just travel, whether it’s to the town next door, your first time in a new continent or to the Wonders of the World.

My topics du jour here will be:

  1. Personal travel reviews
  2. Healthy living tips
  3. Money saving travel hacks

Overall, I want to help you live your best life and stretch your comfort zone each and every day.

Join The DearTraveler.com Community

Even though I’ll keep the crazy travel stories coming, this blog is driven by advice from you! Got an interesting travel story of your own? Maybe an exciting or scary story at the airport? Found a secret lounge on the beach somewhere? Email me your stories and I’ll repost them here on the blog, giving you credit on social media or back to your own blog!

That’s all for now, go check out what’s new on the home page and as always be planning your next trip!

AYNIY, love you guys!

Xoxo Christa